The hotel industry is always changing because guests are always changing too. Logically, hotels have to catch up with the latest trends to convey a modern image, to attract clients and obviously to increase their hotel revenue.

Let’s dive into the 5 most important trends for this year.

  1. Digital technologies

Digital technologies will continue to impact on the hotel industry. Not only important brands are looking to get more guest-centric, but independent hotels also want to follow this trend.

Several types of technology will be used, as smartphones with real-time offers to increase sales; Internet of Things for sustainable issues as regulating heating, for instance; artificial intelligence with chatbots to check-in; virtual reality to entertain guests.

Facial recognition will also be used more than ever to accelerate check-in but it has some limitations. Indeed, the data protection regulation will make it complicated in some areas of the world. For enhancing guest experience during check-in, MYRA is a safe choice.

2. Social media

Social media will be more relevant for branding and awareness, but also as triggers for direct bookings. In a very competitive world, it is crucial to stand out and offer a unique social media presence.

Hotels can also implement very simple measures to make more noise on social media as, for example, creating few Instagram scenes or a specific hashtag for a giveaway.

This is also important to have a team that spends time to answer questions and reviews online to ensure a good reputation and to be social with the users. This is a great way to convince them to book with you and nobody else.

3. Experiences for the guests

This is not new: guests want to live experiences. Every year this trend gets stronger. Niche hotels have understood it for a long time and offer special stays, like retreats. This is important to start the experience before the guests’ arrival so work on your website and social media.

Guests are also into local experiences. They don’t want to see a place anymore. They want to live it. And they want it authentic. So bring the best of your close environment into your hotel.

Gastronomy is an amazing way to make your guests discovering the local culture. If you don’t offer meals at your hotel, you can let them some specialties as a welcome present.

4. Sustainable hotels

Sustainability is the trendy word in 2020. Once they are in your hotel, guests want to be able to keep going with protecting the planet as they do at home. This means that you have to implement some measures in your rooms and common areas to let them recyclate, use less water than possible and so on.

Your guests also expect that you will also work on your side to make your hotel as sustainable as possible. You can, for instance, implement a system to save energy or to reduce the use of plastic.

Smart hotels will attract all eyes on them and so, more clients. Becoming a smart hotel is not fast and cheap but this is important that you start from now to become sustainable. Do not forget to communicate about the measures you take. Your (future) guests will be glad to read about it.

5. Working places

A few years ago, only some kinds of hotels were considered as working places. They used to be hotels close to the business centers with conference rooms. Businessmen were their main clients. Things have changed. There is still a need for this kind of clients but now, everyone wants to work from anywhere, especially digital nomads and the youngest generations.

So hotels have to be prepared to receive these new workers, which means having a very good wifi connexion in the entire hotel and also rooms designed to encourage work. They have to be a mix between offices and cafeteria. This is important to design several areas where the clients can seat depending on the task they are doing. Do they need to be more creative or productive? Also, the furniture has to be comfy but not that much. Moreover, it is important to carefully choose the decoration elements.

The good news for hotels is that it is a great way for them to increase revenue as they can also attract people who are not spending the night but want to have access to their amenities for working a few hours a day.

These are some of the main hotel industry trends for 2020. If your hotel is in Indonesia, Portugal, Canada or anywhere else, they answer the needs of your guests so this is time to make some changes.