It is 11am. There is a long queue at your front desk. Some people start looking at their watches, others start sighing. They are all losing their patience. Of course, you are familiar with this picture. It is check-in and check-out time. Loss of time, frustration, misunderstandings. The traditional hotel check-in process has its limitations. It is time for a change! Learn more with us.

Your guests have changed

In the past, your clients were pleased to be greeted by a friendly and smiling receptionist. It was the best way to start their guest experience in your hotel. Things have changed now.

Technological improvements have changed our lives these past years. We are now able to do so many things without assistance. No need for a cashier at the supermarket, for instance.

The customers have changed. They are now used to doing everything on their own. They can order food through an app without asking a waiter for advice, or they can book a flight to New Zealand without the help of a travel agency.

Your guests are more independent than ever and would prefer using their phones for check-in to speaking with your staff.

What self check-in options are there?

There are 2 main solutions.

Online check-in

This is possible on any device that can get wi-fi, such as smartphones or tablets. The guests enter all their information into the software specifically designed for that, pay for the room and check in this way.

Even if smartphones can be transformed into hotel room keys, not all hotels are ready for this change, which means guests still need to get their keys from the reception desk.

Kiosks check-in

Kiosks are a more complete solution since they also issue keys. Myra self check-in kiosks are the perfect example. When guests arrive at your hotel, they enter their booking information, choose additional services, make the payment and get the key. They save time, and so does your staff. This time can be used to improve services you offer in so many different ways.

Furthermore, kiosks never close. If your guests arrive late and you do not have a receptionist working at this time, this is not a problem anymore. Your clients can use the kiosk to check in. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, they will get their key and immediately start enjoying their stay at your hotel.

If you want to learn more about all the benefits that Myra self check-in kiosks might have for you, visit our website and do not hesitate contact us.
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