Do you run a hotel? Are you concerned with environment issues? Do you want to make a change? To be a green hotel is challenging for many hoteliers, but it is also very important for our planet. We can help you make the first step with some ideas.

A polluting industry

According to the United Nations, the hotel industry is responsible for 1% of global emissions. It has become so easy to jump on a flight, cross the border, or explore an entire country. People all around the world are traveling more than ever and the future of tourism is looking good. This is excellent news for professionals, but not so much for the planet.

Since the demand will not slow down, it is essential to implement some measures to reduce the global emissions, caused by the hotel industry. If all hotels, hostels, or resorts would be willing to make a change, this would have a significant impact. Transforming your hotel into a sustainable hotel as much as possible is absolutely necessary.

be a green hotel

Trends to follow to become a green hotel

There are infinite measures you can introduce to become a responsible hotel. You have to choose those that will fit best with your needs and your resources. However, let’s dive into 5 main trends and a few examples of how to be a more sustainable hotel.

1) Stop food waste

Food waste is a major issue in western countries. Apart from being a loss of money, this is also very badly considered by guests. This is important to adjust as much as possible your purchases to be sure not to throw away your food. Moreover, if at the end of the day, you still have food, you can collaborate with apps as Too Good To Go that will bring opportunity to local consumers to come to pick it up for small amounts of money.

2) Limit water usage

Water is a scarce resource. This is vital to save it. Even if the majority of your guest is sensitive to this issue, this is always a good idea to raise more their awareness. Do not hesitate to communicate good practices to save more water as possible. You can also decide to install filters in the sink or shower tap or check your toilets to avoid any leak.

3) Reduce plastic

No need to explain how much plastic is a plague for the environment. This is a kind of tradition for hotels to offer single-use products to guests. The problem is that these items put all together represent a great consumption of plastic throughout the year. Instead, install dispensers of soap and shampoo in the shower. Try also to eliminate plastic bottles in mini-fridges or at the breakfast buffet.

4) Manage energy

Reduce energy consumption is as good for the planet as it is for your budget. As for water, raise your guest awareness and help them reduce their own consumption in your hotel. Do not offer the possibility for each room to have their teapot or mini-fridge, but offer the possibility to use them in a common room. People will use them less than in their rooms. Another good idea is to make sure to change all your bulbs for LED lights.

5) Improve hotel architecture

Even if a small gesture will help your hotel to be green, working on the architecture will help you get better results and to save more money. There is a lot of decisions you can make as install solar panels on your roof and make your own energy if you are located in a very sunny place or using only eco-friendly material in the construction of new dependencies or for renovations.

All these trends are good, but you don’t have to follow each of them. You need to evaluate your available resources (money, time, staff…) to decide which ones are viable to be a green hotel.

be a green hotel

Benefits of being a responsible hotel

Be a green hotel is essential to protect the planet and contribute to a better lifestyle for all of us. However, this is not the unique benefit that hospitality establishments will get.

1) Improve your image

Nowadays, companies that don’t mind about the environment are very badly perceived. In the hospitality industry, but also any industry. Taking some measures to save water or energy, for instance, and to communicate properly about it is a great way to improve your image.

2) Attract more clients

All around the world, guests are very concerned about environmental issues, especially the youngest generations. Eco-friendly is a real criterion for many of them when they decide to choose a place to stay during holidays or weekends. To be green is a great opportunity to attract more clients and not to lose any of them.

3) Increase revenue

Millennials are the most interesting segment for hotels nowadays and they are willing to pay more to stay in hotels that are actively taking care of the planet. So you can decide to adjust your prices and also your communication to attract them straight to your door.

Be a green hotel will not only allow you to protect the planet, but it will also permit you to get more clients. However, you have to keep in mind that it is not a one-shot effort to be effective, you will have to maintain throughout the years.