All hoteliers‘ and property managers‘ aim is to attract more clients to stay in their hotels. To do so successfully, you first need to understand your guests and their wants and expectations. This is why you have to be aware of how clients choose hotels.

Obviously, a woman in her early thirties, travelling on a budget, won’t choose a place to stay for the same reasons as a sixty year-old businessman with a luxury budget. However, there are some criteria that all categories of guests have.

  1. The price

This has been the most important criterion for decades. It makes perfect sense that the price of a room is an important reason, for which guests will choose your hotel over your competitors’. Travellers on a budget will opt for a hotel that offers the best value within their constraints. On the other hand, tourists with a higher spending capacity will go for a more luxury and therefore expensive place.

If your hotel is on the more expensive side of the spectrum compared to the average hotel, but you still want to attract people with a lower budget, consider discounts and special offers. These are always a great way of drawing guests‘ attention.

2. The location

It is perfectly logical for a tourist to want to stay closer to the city center. However, when someone is visiting a city for a fair, they might like to stay closer to the exhibition centre. It may seem there is not much you can do regarding this important criterion, but you should remember that guests want to live an experience. This is why storytelling plays an important role in how you present your hotel.

The way you describe your surroundings on your website, blog and social media is very important when it comes to attracting people. Even areas with low tourism can be presented so that they attract attention. Of course, do not be tempted to talk about incredible monuments and vibrant bars if there aren’t any in your area. Instead, use your area’s features to draw attention. You may want to use phrases such as: „an authentic area“, „immerse yourself in local culturel“, „you can see street art everywhere“, „the best authentic restaurants“, etc.

3. The reviews

This might be the most interesting piece of advice; guest ratings have a strong influence on consumer selection. Guests are more sensitive to reviews than to brand names. What does that mean? If your independent hotel receives great ratings on booking websites, your social media channels, or any other tourist platforms, there are higher chances for you to attract guests than a hotel from a branded channel with bad or average reviews.

That is the power of the internet. Independent hotels can now compete with bigger brands on one condition; they must offer an incredible experience to their guests. Guests really appreciate two things; agile service and responsible staff. Therefore, it is time to work on this.

MYRA can help you improve your guests‘ experience of the check-in and check-out processes by making these faster. This is a great way to give them an excellent first and a last impression.

Now you know how clients choose hotels and that reviews and ratings are so important to your guests, don’t forget to focus on how they can really enjoy their stay.