MYRA is a self check-in kiosk specially designed for independent hotels. Let’s discover all the benefits you could get using MYRA for enhancing your check-in process. 

A better guest experience

Activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction is the only way to improve guest experience. It doesn’t mean that you have to design incredible activities. Small actions often convert better. The most important is to keep in mind that your services have to meet the guests’ expectations.

An amazing guest experience helps you get new clients easily and retain loyal guests. Moreover, a happy customer will tell their experience to their friends and relatives or on social media. As you probably know, the first impression is a primary driver of guest experience so don’t pass on it. MYRA can give you a hand with it by improving the first contact between your company and the guests. Our self check-in kiosk shortens the check-in process, which is well-valued by customers.

More hotel revenues

It is fundamental for hotels to have upsells if they want to increase their revenues. For instance, you can invite your guests to book breakfasts, massages or city tours.

With a self check-in kiosk, instead of checking-in it at your hotel desk, you get your clients’ complete attention. They have time to think about which products or services they want to add to their bills, to read the description and to chat with their fellow travellers to make their decision.

This is not always possible when the receptionist offers them some extras services. They don’t have time to ask for more information and can feel oppressed to take a fast decision because other people are in line behind them waiting to check-in.

More time for your staff

With MYRA, your staff doesn’t have to take care of check-in anymore so they get more quality time to spend with your guests and to enhance their experience. For example, they can help your clients by making restaurant reservation, recommending the best night spots, booking taxis…

As you can see MYRA liberates time for your employees so they offer a very personalized attention to your clients, who are really asking for that. Do not forget that personalized services is a trend that will last in time.

An image of modernity

With MYRA, you catch up with one of the last industry trends: your guests are becoming more independent. With our self check-in kiosk you let them check-in, book additional services and check-out on their own, which is exactly what they want to.

MYRA helps you appear as a hotel using the best technology to improve the stay of its guests. For sure, they will remind you as a modern hotel improving its services to be more tech-savyy.

After reading this post, if you think that MYRA is a good option to make the check-in easier in your hotel, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.