Why do you need hotel self-check-in solutions?

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For many hoteliers, change can be frightening. They may get used to running their businesses in a certain way and can be quite reluctant when it comes to new ways of working. However, change can be beneficial in many ways and may help improve your service and increase hotel revenue. Discover how hotel self-check-in

Hotels: how to get more direct bookings?

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OTAs are big players in the hospitality industry. Most tourists all around the world trust them. They usually get all the web traffic from search engines, which means that they also obtain the majority of the bookings. OTAs are great solutions for the guests but not so much for the hotels. They reduce the

Hotel industry trends 2020

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The hotel industry is always changing because guests are always changing too. Logically, hotels have to catch up with the latest trends to convey a modern image, to attract clients and obviously to increase their hotel revenue. Let’s dive into the 5 most important trends for this year. Digital technologies Digital technologies will

Benefits of MYRA for your hotel

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MYRA is a self check-in kiosk specially designed for independent hotels. Let’s discover all the benefits you could get using MYRA for enhancing your check-in process.  A better guest experience Activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction is the only way to improve guest experience. It doesn’t mean that

Super Apps for Hotel Business, Bangkok

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MYRA was conceived, designed and assembled in Europe. Nevertheless, hotels from all around the world can use it to reduce the time of their check-in and check-out processes and in this way improve guest experience. That is why the MYRA team is attending the ‘Super Apps for Hotel Business’ event, hosted by HIS MSC

The Rise of Self-Service in Hospitality

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In the past years, we have observed significant changes in the way people travel. It affects all the sectors of the tourism industry; from airlines to restaurants. The hospitality sector is no exception. One of the biggest changes we can observe here is the rise of self-service. Let’s find out more. Technology

5 Ways to Enhance Hotel Guest Experience

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Offering an excellent experience to your guests is beneficial for various reasons. Firstly, it provides them with the perfect reason to become loyal guests of your hotel, so they will choose you every time they visit the same place. Secondly, it is good for your reputation. If your clients had the best time at