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MYRA, The Company

At the end of the day… WE ARE GUESTS TOO!
Thus, our mission is to enhance the guest experience at two specific moments of the guest overall journey, and those are at guest check-in and at guest check out.

There´s a huge gap of improvement in that area, therefore, our vision will be that MYRA service becomes the standard check-in process for guests, quick and easy, simple and complete, no matter where they go, how they booked, so they might go through the same consistent process, anytime, at any independent or chain hotel.

So we will put all our effort and passion to lead this change for good, searching for the excellence in all that we do, while alligned with all the technologies and changes that bring us to a better future.

Meet Our Team

Javier Blanco
Javier BlancoChief Executive Officer
Javier founded the company Entertainment Solutions (ES) in 2006, focussed in IRE systems for Hotels. Together with his high-qualified multidisciplinary team, they have brought ES solutions to over 60 countries. His professionalism, management skills and strong background in Technology as Telecommunications engineer is a warranty in all his ventures.
Jack Tan
Jack TanChief Marketing Officer
With over 30 years of experience in hospitality and having worked with large global chains like Hilton in the UK and IHG in the USA, to regional chain such as Solare Hotels and Resorts in Japan, Jack is the principal at the consulting firm, Ideaweaver Consulting based in Singapore, bringing his knowledge and expertise to ASIA region, to consult and assist hotels to carefully manoeuvre the minefield of abundant and often confusing solutions in the hospitality space.
Julio Arrebola
Julio ArrebolaChief Technology Officer
Founder and CEO of Wattsec and education on Telecommunications engineer, after passing through some top tech companies, for the last 20 years Julio has played the role of R&D Director and CTO of several companies, managing successfully large development teams to achieve all challenges present in the different projects. Julio is a perfectionist that never leaves any stone unturned.
Jean Pierre Kaisserlian
Jean Pierre KaisserlianChief Strategy Officer
Founder and President of Viapass, Jean Pierre launched his first ISP company in 1995. Since then, as Télécom Operator he has been serving large companies Worldwide mostly in the Hospitality, Congress/Exhibitions and sport events areas, always exceeding the highest standards in data transmission, processing and security.
Javier Ballesteros
Javier BallesterosChief Sales Officer
Founder and CEO of Epsilon Media, Javier is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the Telecommunications industry and Hospitality industry. Skilled in all the AV and IT fields, stands out his capacity of finding the best solution for every single requirement.

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